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"I could do that again, but harder."

My time taking self-defense has been a very rewarding experience. I came into the class very timid about what I would learn, and I believed I did not have the strength to perform the fights. However, as the class progressed, I realized that I've become more confident and feel less stressed when I am in uncomfortable situations outside school. This experience has only been positive and showed me what I am capable of. I am still nervous every time we have a fight, but afterward, I always think to myself, “I could do that again, but harder.” The environment created in this class is uplifting, which adds comfort to the class. Even learning boundaries has proven important to me because it made me realize that people tend to brush things off that I am uncomfortable with. So, this class is helping me learn the power behind my words and that I have a right to feel uncomfortable in certain situations. I also realized that confrontation fights are really helpful since, in many of my personal experiences, I have to use words when facing a concerning situation. Practicing that has positively impacted my ability to speak up and seek safety if I'm faced with moments of uncertainty.

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