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IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal has been around since 1984 teaching people effective self-defense and boundary-setting techniques.

Your donations help fund our trainings

IMPACT Personal Safety is a nonprofit organization that appreciates financial support from the community. Donations are tax-deductible. Supporting IMPACT Personal Safety is more than check-writing—it’s an investment in our community. Your efforts will make a difference.


There are different ways to donate:

Click "Donate" and we will redirect you to our Amilia site so you can make your donation easy and secure.


Help Domestic Violence Survivors

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality that occurs within every class, age group, race, and religion. It happens in families, friendships, and intimate relationships.

IMPACT Personal Safety wants everyone to feel safe living their life. We want to give survivors of domestic abuse tools to set physical and verbal boundaries so that this NEVER happens to them again. So, we are raising money so that we can go to domestic violence shelters and help adult and child survivors of domestic abuse. Please help us meet our goal.


IMPACT Scholarship Fund

Self-defense is an invaluable skill that everyone should have. Help us give out scholarships to our class so more people can learn how to defend themselves.

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Season of Giving

During this season of giving, support IMPACT Personal Safety. By donating, you're helping us build suits, offer classes to underserved communities, and more!

Happy Holidays!

General donations are used for many things supporting our mission:


• Help us print new fliers: $125
• Video camera for instructors: $150/ea
• Provide mats for new locations: $300/ea
• Sponsor one of our bi-monthly staff training: $300
• A complete equipment bag for a Lead Instructor: $300
• Sponsor a Fight Night: $800
• A new helmet for a Suited Instructor: $650
• Sponsor a Workshop for a domestic violence shelter: $1,185
• A complete suit of armor: $2,000
• Sponsor a complete Basics for at-risk teens: $7,000


There are several ways to volunteer with IMPACT:

  1. Become a Class Assistant.

  2. Help out at graduations.

  3. Become an IMPACT Board member.

  4. Help organize IMPACT Programs for your office or friends.


Call or email us to get started as an IMPACT volunteer today!

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