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What is IMPACT?

IMPACT Personal Safety is a dedicated group of people working together to end violence in our society, teaching self-defense classes for women. We do this by empowering people to take control of their lives through physical and verbal skills and the fundamental truth that your life is worth fighting for.

Real self-defense practice

Although IMPACT is best known for its dynamic fights, we strongly believe that fighting is a last resort. In fact, our emphasis on verbal skills has become a strong component in our programs, where we help students develop boundary-setting skills to resolve conflicts, improve communication, and avoid dangerous situations.


Rarely does an IMPACT graduate have to use the physical techniques we’ve taught them. But in situations where fighting for one’s life or safety did become a necessity, nearly every graduate of our program (adults, teens, children – all genders) needed just one or two blows to either scare off their assailant or disable him enough to allow a safe escape.

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Adrenaline/fear management...

Opens up your life in unpredictable ways. We hear from students who’ve tried new things, like a scary new sport, or managed performance anxiety and passed a crucial exam, or calmly managed an accident site. How will IMPACT change your life?

Intuition and awareness skills

In our opinion, the most important survival tool we’ve been given is intuition. People experience intuition differently, and paired with the awareness skills you will gain in class, you can hone your intuition to work for you. Your intuition has one job – to give you signals to help you survive based on all the information gathered throughout your life. It is not there to trick you. Believe in your intuition.

Skills that stick with you

Our scenario-based training puts you in increasingly challenging situations that train you in the same manner as when you ride a bike. We layer the information and skill building so that the skills stay in your body for the rest of your life stored in your procedural memory (muscle memory). You won’t have to think, “What did I learn in that class…?” because your body, your procedural memory, will know what to do...just like riding a bike.


IMPACT classes

We address situations ranging from the day-to-day boundary violation to the worst-case scenario of actual assault. Our self-defense classes set up safe simulations reproducing what happens in the “real world.”

Using an integrated mix of physical and verbal skills, our classes are engaging and hands-on. Classes are fluid, interactive, and supportive. Anyone can take IMPACT. Our classes can be adapted and personalized to meet the needs of your group—mixed-gender, individual gender, LBGTQ+, BIPOC, and all human courses available. We also have experience teaching classes for physically disabled (deaf, blind, wheelchair-bound) and elderly people.

Verbal skills and healthy boundary-setting

Thanks to their new confidence, most students report using their verbal skills all the time to do much more than talk their way out of danger. They face hard talks with family, negotiate a raise with an intimidating boss, and speak up in ways they wouldn’t have before class. And while most students never use their skills to defend themselves physically, the body language and confidence development generated in class becomes a crucial part of your non-physical skills, as well.

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We’ve combined four decades of expertise from diverse martial artists, FBI and police research on survivors and perpetrators of violent crimes, neurological research, and effective communication techniques in developing our training system. Our highly developed program is designed to provide our students with realistic and useful fighting and speaking skills.

IMPACT means:

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