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My self-defense class experience

My experience in my self-defense class was positive. It was a fun class, and I know I learned a lot. Prior, I did not know much about self-defense at all, and my parents had always encouraged me to take a class. Now I know so many strategies for different situations.

My instructors were super encouraging and helpful when we needed extra explanations or anything. The presentations showed us a lot about how to stand up for ourselves and create boundaries-- which can be used in daily life as well as in self-defense. They were willing to answer all of our "what-if" questions and made the class fun while also serious.

The different types of skills used in fights and verbal situations were very helpful to run through. It made it much more realistic when we would just run through fights because it allowed us to use the skills we learned in a fight that did not have exact steps. These fights were where I experienced the most growth because it was not a specific sequence to follow, but instead, I had to look at the situation and decide what would be the most effective.

-IMPACT Graduate

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