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The ABC's of Empowerment Self-Defense: The Letter G

Self-defense is more than just how hard you can hit. It is the full spectrum of tools that you can use to protect yourself every single day. We utilize skills from self-defense in our decision-making processes, such as when we communicate with people, when we drive or do activities, and more! Self-defense is really so expansive that we thought we would give you a better idea of what to expect when you take a self-defense class with IMPACT by breaking it down for you ABC-style.

The Letter G: Ground Fighting

“I want all of us to be that somebody that no one wants to mess with”

- Nicole Snell (Girls Fight Back CEO, IMPACT Lead Instructor)

One of people’s biggest fears is being attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. And that’s understandable. Being surprised can be really scary. Add in being on the ground, it can feel really vulnerable: The assailant can look bigger and can feel more imposing. But at IMPACT, we teach people that it’s a position of power and effectiveness to be on the ground. People hold so much power in their hips, butt, and thighs, so being on the ground with your feet in an assailant’s face is not as vulnerable as movies would make it seem.

There is a difference between fighting for sport and fighting for your life. In sport fighting, the combatants willingly agree to fight at a certain day and time with pre-established rules and then prepare for said fight. Fighting for life has none of these. The target doesn’t consent to the fight, there are no rules or referees to protect anyone, and, if you’re unaware of the signs, targets may go into denial.

Non-action movies often depict that people, especially women, are helpless on the ground. We teach people that they can be effective and powerful when they find themselves on the ground. First, you can’t fall further, so you don’t need to factor in balance. Second, most people’s legs are longer and have more muscle mass than the average assailant’s arms. Third, by looking and sounding confident on the ground, you will often surprise and deter the assailant.

By believing that you can fight from the ground and are worth fighting for, you have an advantage. You’re fighting for your life and well-being; they’re fighting because they made the mistake of believing you’d be an easy target.

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