Your life is worth fighting for!

IMPACT Personal Safety

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IMPACT changes lives. Taking charge of your own personal safety is a game-changer. Once you believe that your life is worth fighting for and that you have the right to live a safe and violence-free life, a transformation can occur in the way you approach life.


A safe space to learn

We know even committing to an IMPACT class can be a huge challenge for some students. Many of our students are recovering from assault or some other trauma due to interpersonal violence. We create a judgment-free, supportive community in each class, enabling students to face their fears bravely and with peer support.


A new understanding of your power

Many of our students who were raised as females have never had the opportunity to hit an object with their full power, never mind with permission to use anger to fuel that power. Once you know you can fight for your life and win, the way you carry yourself, value yourself, and interact with others shifts.

Enroll in a Class

Our goal is for every person, regardless of age, gender, race, or physical or mental ability, to be able to go where they want, when they want, day or night, feeling comfortable and safe moving through their daily lives.

Enroll in a self-defense class today!


In-Person Basics

In our flagship 16-hour course, you will learn verbal and physical defense tactics for a wide range of real-life scenarios including dealing with strangers and people you know.

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All-Gender Intro Workshop

This three-hour, hands-on class gives students a comprehensive taste of all our training. You will work on awareness, verbal and physical self-defense skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

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Setting Boundaries: 
Essential Tools for a Changing World

In this 90-minute online class you will learn and practice setting verbal boundaries with strangers when you go out to do your essential job, go grocery shopping, or even just out for a walk.


Creating Safer Spaces:
Setting Boundaries with People You Know

In this 90-minute online class, you will learn how to set boundaries with that overly friendly neighbor, your friend who takes things just a step too far, or a coworker who oversteps your boundaries.

Weapons Class.png

Defense Against An Armed Assailant

We demystify the hype around weapons and deal with the psychology of why an assailant chooses what they choose. You’ll gain a peaceful sense of being able to handle yourself and make smart choices about whatever danger or threats may come your way.


Coming Soon! IMPACT Kids Class

This is not a scary course! Kids come out feeling like little super heroes who have a say in their own safety and well-being. Over two three-hour sessions, kids practice strike and flee responses designed to get them out of harm’s way and to safety. 

Some of our partners are:

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Men’s Class Graduate

"Somehow, even without realizing, I had changed to a ready stance and all the instructions had come flooding back.  Fortunately, it did not escalate - but the verbal de-escalation lessons and a sense for what to do in case of escalation (knee to the groin, for sure) helped us tremendously."



"I really want to thank you for teaching a class I wish wasn't necessary but I think should be required of every young person, but especially every young woman."  

Kathy OC

"The class truly exceeded my expectations from concepts and skills taught by your amazing staff. I am so thankful I was able to complete it after trying to schedule it for several years."

Believe it or not, we give you the tools to AVOID dangerous situations.

Graduates report using verbal boundary skills virtually every day. These verbal skills become one of the most valuable aspects of the IMPACT training because of how frequently they are used and how effective they are. Even those who consider themselves assertive gain a lot from practicing boundary-setting skills in our classes.