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Loudest NO

Had your fill of violence against women, girls, and our LGBTQ+ community? We certainly have, and we proclaim: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If your answer is a resounding YES and you're ready to take action, take the Loudest NO Challenge.


Participating in this challenge will help IMPACT Personal Safety give more people around the world the skills to defend themselves and their families. Since 1984, thousands of people of all genders, ages, sizes, and physical abilities have learned to use their voices to set boundaries and de-escalate violent situations. We have trained instructors in 15 countries in the last two years, and our strategies to increase awareness about gender-based violence and recruit, train, and support thousands of instructors are working.

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Now, it's time to amplify our IMPACT! We have the methods and the plan, but to expand globally, we need a collective effort, and instructors require training, tools, and resources to teach in their communities. With your help, the possibilities are limitless. Take the Loudest NO Challenge—ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Loudest NO

Taking the “Loudest NO Challenge” is simple:

Register on the webpage

(we won’t share your information) and make a donation to help us train more instructors around the world.

Record a video or take a selfie of your Loudest NO

in a special place or creative way.

Post on Social Media

Post the recording on the Loudest NO Challenge Facebook or Instagram page to

help us spread awareness and recruit new instructors.

Challenge three or more friends or family

Challenge three or more friends or family members to take the challenge.

Complete the challenge and receive the complimentary video "Your Voice is Powerful, Use it!" In just five minutes, learn how to use your voice effectively to establish boundaries. Let's make an IMPACT together!

Each week the top five most creative videos will win a special prize.

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IMPACT Personal Safety has been training women and men, teens and children in self-defense and personal safety for 40 years. Our goal is for every person, regardless of age, gender, race, or physical or mental ability, to be able to go where they want, when they want, day or night, feeling comfortable and safe moving through their daily lives.


As a recognized expert in the field of personal safety, IMPACT has been cited in numerous books and research studies.  We’ve been featured on shows such as “Oprah”, “20/20”, “Dateline”, and many news shows. And if parody is a measure of cultural iconography, then we’re flattered to have been spoofed on “Saturday Night Live”, “King of the Hill” and in National Lampoon.


The full-force form of self-defense taught by IMPACT has its origins in the 1970s when a female black belt was assaulted and raped by two men.  This prompted a group of martial artists to study the different ways in which women and men are assaulted and to seek out the most effective means of real-life defense.


The IMPACT training method is cutting-edge, innovative, and highly interactive.  Since the human response to fear or stress is a rush of adrenaline, we teach using real life scenarios that allow students to feel what it is like to experience the adrenal state. This is what makes our training more realistic and more practical.    


Support instructors around the world mobilizing 


Interested in being an IMPACT Instructor?

Learn to teach IMPACT Empowerment Self-Defense Classes in just 10 days!

IMPACT cambia vidas. Tomar las riendas de su propia seguridad personal es un cambio de juego. Una vez que crees que vale la pena luchar por tu vida y que tienes derecho a vivir una vida segura y libre de violencia, puede producirse una transformación en tu forma de afrontar la vida.


Sabemos que incluso comprometerse con una clase IMPACT puede ser un gran desafío para algunos estudiantes. Muchos de nuestros estudiantes se están recuperando de una agresión o algún otro trauma debido a la violencia interpersonal. Creamos una comunidad de apoyo libre de juicios en cada clase, lo que permite a los estudiantes enfrentar sus miedos con valentía y con el apoyo de sus compañeros.

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