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Nuestro objetivo es que cada persona, independientemente de su edad, sexo, raza o capacidad física o mental, pueda ir a donde quiera, cuando quiera, de día o de noche, sintiéndose cómoda y segura en su vida diaria.


¿Por qué debería inscribirse en una clase IMPACT?

IMPACT le brinda habilidades y herramientas para la VIDA:

  • Confianza en que puedes cuidar de ti mismo.

  • Identificar y reducir el contacto con comportamientos que son inseguros e incómodos.

  • Permitirse moverse de manera seguro por el mundo.

  • Sentir que tienes el poder de tomar decisiones y tomar riesgos saludables.

  • Terminar las relaciones que no funcionan.

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Reconecta con tu espíritu de lucha.
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Clase Básica

En Persona

En nuestro curso insignia de 16 horas, aprenderás tácticas de autodefensa verbal y física para una amplia gama de escenarios de la vida real, incluido el trato con extraños y personas que conoce.


Taller de Introducción

Para Todo Género

Esta clase práctica de tres horas brinda a los estudiantes una muestra integral de toda nuestra capacitación. Trabajará en usar su intuición, las habilidades de autodefensa verbal y física en un entorno seguro y de apoyo.


Defensa Contra un Agresor Armado

Desmitificamos la exageración en torno a las armas y tratamos la psicología de por qué un agresor elige usarlas. Obtendrá una sensación de poder manejarse y tomar decisiones inteligentes sobre el peligro o amenaza que pueda surgir en su camino.


Clase de Niños

En Persona

¡Este no es un curso que dé miedo! Los niños salen sintiéndose como  superhéroes que tienen algo que decir sobre su propia seguridad y bienestar. Durante dos sesiones de tres horas, los niños practican técnicas físicas y de huida diseñadas para sacarlos del peligro y ponerlos a salvo.


Clase Avanzada

En Persona

Si usted y su pareja han tomado la clase Básica, ¿por qué no tomar este fin de semana Avanzado juntos? Trabajará para llevar sus habilidades de manejo de la adrenalina a un nivel superior al revisar las técnicas básicas y desarrollarlas con algunos de nuestros escenarios de lucha favoritos.​



Fight Night

Fight Night is the ultimate refresher course! 
Come and practice techniques and scenarios up to the level of class you have achieved. 
It's fun, it's exciting, and we don't offer them very often. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Más información sobre los programas IMPACT


Las clases de IMPACT abordan situaciones que van desde el irrespeto de límites del día a día hasta el peor de los casos de asalto real. Nuestras clases establecen simulaciones seguras que reproducen lo que sucede en el "mundo real".

Usando una combinación integrada de habilidades físicas y verbales, nuestras clases son atractivas y prácticas. Las clases son fluidas, interactivas y de apoyo. Cualquiera puede tomar IMPACT. Nuestras clases se pueden adaptar y personalizar para satisfacer las necesidades de su grupo: género mixto, género individual, LBGTQ+, BIPOC y todos los humanos. También tenemos experiencia en la impartición de clases para personas con discapacidades físicas (sordos, ciegos, en silla de ruedas) y personas mayores.

  • What type of self-defense do you teach?
    Our goal is to empower individuals to make effective personal safety choices. In an emotionally supportive environment, you will practice both verbal and physical skills with our fully padded mock assailant. With this unique physical training method, you can deliver full-force, full-contact knock-out blows to vulnerable areas on the padded assailant’s body in dynamic, interactive fights. Training also includes verbal self-defense strategies practiced in role playing scenarios in a wide array of contexts, dealing with strangers as well as people you know.
  • Is IMPACT a form of martial arts?
    No. While the IMPACT system owes credit to many different martial arts such as Krav Maga, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, it does not share the discipline or fitness goals of martial arts. It can best be described as street fighting, which is appropriate as most attacks are scrappy, no-rules attacks.
  • What will I learn?
    You will learn the most common ways that individuals are attacked as well as the strategies and psychology of assailants. Classes prepare you mentally and physically to handle the full range of challenging situations that we all face in our daily lives, including the danger of extreme circumstances. Specifically, you will learn to: Avoid danger by heightening your awareness. Shorten your body’s natural “freeze” response. Capitalize on the adrenaline rush (your body’s response to fear and danger). Assess situations quickly and respond decisively. Use your voice, brain, body and spirit to stay safe.
  • What other benefits will I receive?
    The benefits of class go beyond learning how to stay safe or how to intervene in a potentially violent encounter. Our graduates report positive effects such as: Greater general awareness and confidence. Increased self-esteem and assertiveness. Ability to communicate clearly and directly. Creative and flexible problem solving skills. Improved leadership skills. More focus and effectiveness at work. Calm and clear-headed thinking during stress or crisis.
  • Who teaches the classes?
    Our instructors undergo hundreds of hours of training and supervision to earn their certification from nationally recognized instructor trainers. They are professionals dedicated to ending the cycle of violence. Both our padded and lead instructors are vetted and screened before being accepted into our training program.
  • Will these techniques work for me?
    That is really up to you. Once you are in touch with your fighting spirit and know your life is worth fighting for, you will fight successfully. We believe that the one who decides to win the fight does just that.
  • What if I have special needs?
    We are committed to removing barriers for all interested students. Our instructors will adapt the techniques to work with your physical challenges or pre-existing injuries. We’ve taught 90-year olds in walkers, people with cerebral palsy, and people with typical athlete joint injuries. In fact, the blindfold fighting techniques in our Advanced Course came out of working with a group of blind students.
  • Do you have payment plans/financial assistance?
    Yes, for all courses over $100. We never want money to be the reason a person doesn’t get this life-saving training. Payment Plans: We require $100 deposit and then we can break up the remainder of the tuition into two, three, or four monthly payments as best fits your budget. If a class has a minimum number of students, we are able to offer a scholarship spot. Scholarship recipients will have demonstrated financial need and will write an essay of their class experience to be shared in our materials.
  • What is “Personal Safety”?
    We define personal safety in a broad context. Personal safety is external awareness of our environment, choices about how we behave, how we speak to others, and how we let others speak to us. In its simplest sense, it is the skills needed to set limits in situations that make us uncomfortable or are potentially dangerous. It includes how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence), how we relate to our bodies, and how to trust our instincts.
  • How do you teach personal safety skills to children?
    Our educational model emphasizes concept-based, learned, repetitive role-plays. We teach positive reinforcement and learning through success. Simple safety rules are presented in a straightforward and understandable manner. All of the teaching material is age appropriate so students can easily learn the information. The curriculum follows the recommendations of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It’s not a scary class but a fun process where kids tap into their inner superhero.
  • How can this program lower children’s anxiety?
    Giving children information about safety is part of our responsibility as adults. Education does not raise children’s anxiety; it actually can lower anxiety by providing them with a plan and teaching them self-reliance. Teaching self-defense is similar to teaching your children other safety skills, such as how to cross the street or how to use a kitchen knife. It is not necessary to discuss the details of being hit by a car or cut by a sharp knife to learn safe conduct, just as it is not necessary to discuss the details of child abuse or molestation to learn self-defense.
  • Need a refund?
    Most series classes require a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in class. If a student needs to drop out of the class at any point, tuition can transfer to another class of equal value within a year. If a student withdraws from a class two weeks before its start and they do not want to reschedule their class for another of equal value within a year, they will receive a full refund (minus the non-refundable $100). If they withdraw within those final two weeks without trying to reschedule, they will be eligible for a 50% refund. ​ If a student drops out of a class for ANY reason after a series has started and they do not or cannot reschedule to a class offered within a year, no refund will be issued. If that student wishes to start over in a subsequent series after a year has passed, the previous tuition will NOT roll forward. They will be eligible to receive class at the retaker price minus whatever discounts they may be eligible for as if they were a totally new student.

Los instructores IMPACT están certificados para enseñar

  • Reconocer las señales de advertencia de la violencia

  • Utilizar técnicas verbales para abordar el acoso.

  • Definición de límites y estrategias de comunicación

  • Estrategias para la desescalada y la intervención de los espectadores

  • Técnicas de lucha física para evitar un asalto.

  • Prácticas de puesta a tierra y atención emocional para la resiliencia​


¿Tiene una solicitud de grupo o clase especial?

Para solicitar una clase privada Taller de Introducción Especial u otros cursos, tomar en consideración:

  • Los talleres tienen una duración de 3 horas.

  • Todos los cursos de solicitud especial deben programarse/confirmarse con al menos dos semanas de anticipación.

  • Si desea solicitar una clase que no sea un Taller, indíquelo en el campo Comentarios en la parte inferior.

"De alguna manera, incluso sin darme cuenta, había cambiado a una postura lista y todas las instrucciones me habían regresado.  Afortunadamente, no se intensificó, pero las lecciones verbales de desescalada y un sentido de lo que hacer en caso de escalada (rodilla en la ingle, seguro) nos ayudó enormemente".

Men’s Class Graduate

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