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Loudest NO Challenge


15,000,000 girls aged 15-19 have been raped.


ONE IN THREE WOMEN…..736,000,000 women have been physically and/or sexually assaulted. 


Neither of these figures includes the rampant sexual harassment that is happening every day around the world.

Had your fill of violence against women, girls, and our LGBTQ+ community? We certainly have, and we proclaim: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If your answer is YES and you're ready to take action, take the Loudest NO Challenge®.

Complete the challenge and receive the complimentary video "Your Voice is Powerful, Use it!" In just a few minutes, learn how to use your voice effectively to establish boundaries. Let's make an IMPACT together!

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Taking the Challenge is as Easy as 1..2..3…


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Challenge 3
(or more) Passionate People! 

Your participation in the challenge will help IMPACT Personal Safety give more people around the world the skills to defend themselves and their families. Since 1984, thousands of people of all genders, ages, sizes, and physical abilities have learned to use their voices to set boundaries and de-escalate violent situations. We have trained instructors in 15 countries in the last two years, and our strategies to increase awareness about gender-based violence and recruit, train, and support thousands of instructors are working.


Now, it's time to amplify our IMPACT! We have the methods and the plan, but to expand globally, we need a collective effort, and instructors require training, tools, and resources to teach in their communities. With your help, the possibilities are limitless.


Take the Loudest NO Challenge® —ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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