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Myths and Misconceptions

There are a lot of common myths and misconceptions regarding self-defense and personal safety, and we want to help you find the truth. Many of these misconceptions were formed from misinformation, old information, or socialization. Not all are formed from malice, but some are. So we’re here to help you navigate through some of the more common myths and misconceptions.

This week’s misconception:

Self-defense puts the responsibility to not get assaulted on the victim.

We often hear, “We shouldn’t be teaching women how to defend themselves, we should be teaching men to not assault women.” Yes, that would be nice if we could teach people that violence isn’t the answer. However, we can’t sit still and wait for this to happen. Violence is happening now in our lives and education isn’t going to stop things in this moment. IMPACT does not blame survivors; we help empower people by giving them tools and strategies that can be used in future situations.

We should be doing both education and training. Education will help in the long run and we hope that our jobs will become obsolete. Until then, we will continue to teach people how to defend themselves.

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